Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ronnie & Ben Prepare for Baptism - March 24, 2014

Hello everyone! I don't have very much time this week so I will just get down to business.

This week we had some great blessings that I am excited to share. We have been focusing on Ronnie and Ben. We are trying to prepare them for their baptisms which are this Sunday.

For our appointment with Ronnie, we took Kennedy (a new convert that just received a calling in the YM’s Presidency) with us. As we met with Ronnie, we could tell that it was comforting to him that Kennedy was there. AND Kennedy was happy to be there as well. It was perfect. Kennedy has been a longtime friend and he referred us to Ronnie.

Our lesson for that appointment was on the word of wisdom. This principle creates a lot of questions because almost all Ugandans start drinking tea when they are small children. So when they find out that members of the church do not drink tea they are always surprised and confused.

Since Kennedy was there, it made all the difference in the world. As we taught Ronnie, he had the same questions and concerns that Kennedy had before his baptism. Consequently, Kennedy was able to bear a real and powerful testimony about the truthfulness of the word of wisdom and the blessings of obeying it. Also, Kennedy is a sales rep for a health company GNLD (A health and nutrition company based in California) so he was able to discuss the physical blessings of health as well. He also discussed the reasons for always doing what the Lord asks. Wow, it was a great day to see a recent convert teach another interested friend.

This Sunday we waited patiently outside for Ronnie to come to church as we usually do. Church had started and Ronnie being an on-time person had not arrived so we were worried and a little confused why he did not come. We decided to go inside and participate in the meeting. Just as the sacrament was about to start, we see his car race around the corner, he parks quickly, jumps out and runs into church. It was so cool! We knew that he wanted to be there and was not wasting or taking for granted the opportunity to go to church.

The other person I would like to talk about is Ben and his family. They are doing amazing! The whole family is making a great effort to go church together and sit together. It is common for them to come at different times and sit scattered throughout the congregation. Seeing them fill up an entire row on their own and all come to together is another blessing of the week.

Ben is doing a stellar job in his progression in the gospel. He has taken the responsibility of learning and committing very seriously. I can’t even explain how wonderful this is to us. Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with the whole family and teach about family scripture study. As we taught them this principle, it was really cool to see the family put scripture study into action.

Imagine a family crammed in a little house reading 1 Nephi chapter 2. They would read three or four verses together, stop and then one of the children that understood English better than the other members of the family would explain was happening and how it applies to them.

It was AWESOME! This was the first time on my mission I had ever seen a family sit down together and truly study the scriptures trying to learn together. It was just great to see them all move forward in the Gospel and helping each other every step of the way. I personally think that is how it’s supposed to be. The Gospel is meant to bring families together.

I know the letter is short but it’s all the time I have.

The Church is true! The Gospel is true.

Sure love ya all


Elder Bitter

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