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Strength of Complete Families - March 31, 2014

Hey everyone!!!!!

This week I wanted to talk about a baptism that we had last Sunday. From this baptism, we had the opportunity to complete a family. This family has had many different missionaries. Since I have been in Kabowa, we have been working hard to help this happen. Ben (the last member of his family to join the church) was baptized March 30.

Before this past transfer, Ben would avoid the missionaries. During the past six weeks or so, he really opened his heart and allowed the missionaries to share and teach him. It was wonderful! As we taught him, you could see Ben changing. One very noticeable change was how he committed to attending church, serving at church and participating in the activities.

Since Ben has been going to church and now that he is baptized, the family’s strength has increased so much. They are the only family in this ward that comes together and sits down together. The family takes up one whole row. There are so many of them! J But the best part is the time and energy they spend on strengthening and supporting each other. They are truly learning and growing together.

There is a night and day difference between a part member family and a whole family being members of the church. I know that the church needs more families. I now understand why.

I know the church is true and has been restored. And these people need it just as much as we do.

This next week will be a huge week. We will be determining who we will be able to be baptized in the month of April. I’m actually really excited. The week always goes by so fast when we have lots of work to do. It is always a challenge to be spiritually in tune to know which investigators are ready to be baptized and which ones just like our company.

Well transfers are done. Elder Stewart and I are still companions. We have another six weeks together.

I have been with Elder Stewart the longest thus far on my mission! I am totally ok with it! :) We get along perfectly, we both like to do the work in the same way and we enjoy the same things.

So if you are wondering about William (struggles with alcohol). We are still teaching him. He still struggles with his addiction. BUT his countenance has changed so much. Even though he has a ways to go, the change is remarkable. I am happy for him. We don't meet with him that often. I know that he will get baptized someday and when he does he will be a faithful member of the church. He comes to church every single Sunday. He knows the church is true already and bares his testimony constantly.

This will probably take some time and a lot of work on his part but he seems to understand that it will be worth it. I'm really happy for him.

Well that’s about it.

I want to wrap up with my testimony.

I know that the church is true. I don't know this because someone told me. I am not relying on another’s testimony. I know it is true because I can feel that it is true every time I read the Book of Mormon and pray.

This church does have a true and living prophet who receives revelation from God. As we listen to his words at general conference, I know that what he says has been directed by God. God knows what we as members of the church need.

I know that anyone who wants to know if "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" is true can pray and they will receive an answer as long as their mind and heart are open and willing to receive an answer and are willing to follow that answer when they receive it.

The church is true, Joseph Smith was a true prophet and Thomas S. Monson is our living prophet today.

I sure love you all and hope that you all know it.


Elder Bitter

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