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Pull Up Bar From Scrap - March 10, 2014

Hi All,

I have spent a lot of time transferring photos from my companion’s memory card to my card so the bad news is that today's email will not be as long as normal. The good news is that I will be sending home another memory card :) So there will be lots of photos and videos for everyone to check out once my parents uploading them. :)

I have two short stories for this week.

The first story is about a couple named John and Rita. On Tuesday Elder Stewart and I were walking down the road and this guy just came up to us with his arms open for a hug. We reached out and shook his hand to stop the hug from happening. He then proceeded to tell us that he is a member of the church and has been looking for the church in Kabowa. Of course, we were happy to see him and we gladly went to his home. After we sat down, he told us that he has been a member of the church for about seven years and that he has been in Iraq for the past two years or so.

We then started asking him a little bit about his conversion. After visiting with him, it seemed like maybe he was not a member. He used terms like the “father” at the church and other terms we don’t usually use. Well at this point we are super confused.

After conversing some more, we asked who baptized him and he said an elder. We asked if there were two and he said no just one. We are still pretty confused but we are planning to check with the ward for his records.

The other story is that my companion and I have slowly but surely been collecting pieces of plumber pipe (about 2mm thick and ¾ in in diameter). After we had enough we made a door frame pull-up bar and it is awesome! :)

The work is looking good. This week Ben came to church for the fourth time. Ben is the last person in his family to be baptized. His father was baptized about six weeks ago. We have been working with this family for some time. If all continues as it should, Ben will be baptized on March 30th. This will be awesome because this will mean his whole family is members. This is very unusual in Uganda! :)

Well that’s all for this week. Mom and Dad a memory card is coming your way.

Love ya all!


Elder Bitter

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