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You Never Know Who Will Listen to the Message - February 17, 2014

I’m back and ready to roll.

Well this week was transfer news and there are some big changes for me and my companion!!!! Kidding! We are both staying and we are totally happy with it. Lame missionary joke. : )

I could serve with Elder Stewart for a long time and be totally good with it. Elder Stewart is an amazing guy. He loves the gospel and loves the good things in life. He is one of those people that can really make a difference in the world but doesn't have any idea that he can.

Another cool thing about Elder Stewart is he sees everyone and cares for them. He never looks at the situation with his feelings in mind. He is only out here to serve. It is remarkable to watch. Elder Stewart is going to help the Kabowa Ward a lot because of his selfless service to the ward and to God. His primary goal is to help others come closer to God.

This week went by so fast. It seems that my mission is going by faster and faster. Every day seems to rocket by. Elder Stewart and I have really been trying to increase the amount of people we have to teach on a regular by doing a lot of finding again. Sometimes this can be tough, miserable or boring. However because of the great relationship that we have together we just go to work, smile and keep moving. I learned a lesson from our tracting.

I learned that you never know who will accept the gospel. This week we contacted and found a lot of different people. As we taught the people, in my mind I would think, “They will be interested or they are not interested.” I made this judgment from the feeling in the lesson. But I learned on Sunday that sometimes even though the Spirit is not in the lesson, it doesn’t mean that the Lord and the Spirit have given up on that person.

For example this Sunday we had three people come to church. (This was awesome!) However, the surprising part was who came. It wasn't the people that we thought would come. It was those who had not seemed interested in the least during our discussions with them. In fact, we had the impression they just wanted us to leave.

I learned that the Spirit does say, “Yes, this person is interested.” BUT as we do our small part regardless of how it appears, the Lord will then continue to work with them and their needs. The gospel is really for everyone. It is great to watch His Work move forward.

As we were walking to an appointment, we saw a less active (Jospeh) that has been avoiding us. We saw him in his garden. We both stopped. We both just knew that we needed to talk to him and see how he was doing. We started chatting with him. We were shocked. He did not try to make excuses so he could get away from us. In fact, he seemed happy to see us.

After chatting for some time, he actually invited us in allowing us to share a message. At this point we are amazed! In the past we had done everything that we could possibly think of to meet with him. We meet with him twice last week. I was so excited I could barely stand it!

On Sunday, 15 minutes into the meeting we look over and in walks Joseph!!! He was dressed to the T! He had the biggest smile and looked happy! We were so excited to see him. He stayed the whole time and loved it!

I love ya all and hope that all is well back home and that your all being taken care of! Have a good one!


Elder Bitter

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