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William's Long Walk of Faith - February 24, 2014

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To start I want to tell a cool story. Two weeks ago, we tracted into a guy named William. He had a serious drinking problem. We sat down with him and shared a simple short message about “life is about change” and a little bit about the church. Well two Sundays ago to our surprise as sacrament meeting was starting in walks William. He was dressed up and prepared for the church service. During the service, he is taking notes like crazy.

After seeing him at church, we decided to continue to visit him. When we met with him the second time, he explained to us that he had always wanted to get off drinking but he hasn't been able to do it. We talked to him about the gospel and how it can help you accomplish all things. We also told him that this kind of problem takes time and that he will need to rely on the Lord and put forth a huge effort to be successful.

After this appointment, he came to the next appointment somewhat tipsy. We then explained to him that we would not be meeting with him unless he came sober. He started working on it. Believe it or not, when it comes to committed investigators he is really one of them. He has truly kept ever commitment that we have given him! It is remarkable to see the change in his countenance over the past two weeks.

Our last visit, we talked to him some more about his drinking. He said that he is really trying to stop and that he is having trouble with it because there are times when he doesn't have work and he is just bored. Then he falls back into the habit. We gave him a Book of Mormon and told him that every time he gets bored or wants to drink he should read his assignments. We gave him a BUNCH of readings hoping that he would use it to still the raging habit.

We then invited him to come to stake conference which was last Sunday. The stake center building is about a forty minute drive from where we are working. We weren't sure if he was going to be able to make it because of the cost of transport for a taxi. Most of the investigators from my experience rarely come to stake conference because of the travel expense. On Sunday, we arrived at the church about two hours early so that we could watch for any investigators and recent converts.

At 9:30 to our surprise here comes William drenched in sweat. He came with Book of Mormon in hand and the biggest smile on his face. He came up, shook our hands and said, “I’m glad to be here.” AND he was sober! Not a single whiff of alcohol on him. It turns out that he had walked! The walk must have taken him at least three hours. It was cool!

I think that William is going to make it all the way and have a really strong testimony. He is awesome and is just a great guy. He is willing to make the change in his life that is needed.

On top of that great experience, Elder Stewart and I had another really awesome experience. Over the past week, we had been trying to figure out what we needed to do to improve as a companionship. We wanted to find the best people to teach. After thinking about it we came to a conclusion and immediately implemented this change. As we started to tract it wasn't going all that well but we recognized that sometimes it takes time.

As we continued on, we came across a man named Julius. He was just leaving his home so we stopped him and started talking to him. He had been looking for the TRUE CHURCH of GOD for some time now and had attended pretty much all the different faiths. As we continued to talk to him we asked if we could sit down with him and he accepted. (His job has something to do with orthopedics. His company is based in Egypt and he is over the area of Uganda.)

At our next meeting, we taught him the restoration and he seemed to accept it. He told us that before he could really accept this into his heart he needed to pray about it. But he will still continue to meet with us.
The coolest part of this whole thing was not that he was some smart guy that was looking for the true gospel but that the Spirit was there during the whole lesson. This is the first time I found myself praying for my companion (even though he was doing a great job) as he shared and I believe he was praying for me as well. It was awesome. I know the Lord cares and really wants us to succeed. BUT he really wants us to put forth the effort and make changes first as well.

I hope that this all made sense. I really love you all and hope that everthing is going well back home. Be happy and enjoy life.


Elder Bitter

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