Monday, September 1, 2014

Fear of Water - September 1, 2014

Dear Family and Friends:

This week’s emailing cafe is the best ever! We found a new internet cafe this week. It is the best I have used since being in Uganda! An American owns this café. It has Dell computers and reasonable internet. It’s a NGO internet cafe and I really like it a lot. I am officially sold on this place!

We had a wonderful week because of Kalisto’s children. We have been teaching his children the past few weeks. They were baptized this week! The baptism was awesome because Kalisto had recently received the priesthood so he was able to baptize his own children. This was so wonderful.

A little humor about the baptism was that his children were super afraid of water. I felt bad about that because it made it hard for him to baptize them. They were fighting him as he tried to immerse them in the water. But Kalisto had such a good sense of humor about the whole thing that it was not stressful but felt as if all would go well—which it did. As his kids refused to go under the water, (they would stiffen their legs and back) he would just laugh because he didn’t know they were afraid of water.

As he laughed and laughed and laughed, he decided he try a new technique instead of leaning them backwards; he just let them slowly immerse themselves by sitting down slowly in the water. It was really an interesting thing to watch. After the baptism, Kalisto came up to us chuckling a little and said, "They act so tough but you put them in some cold water and that toughness just disappears instantly!" As soon as his kids came out he stopped laughing (which was good). The children all expressed their gratitude for their father that they were able to work it all out and be able to be baptized. They really are just an awesome family.

We are all praying for Kalisto’s wife right now. She refuses to be baptized. We are not sure why but we really hope that she will come to learn the truth. The gospel will really bless her and her family. The blessing of going to the temple together to be sealed as a family is indescribable.

Things are great and moving forward. Two people that we have recently found and are progressing are Patrick and Nelson. Nelson owns a restaurant, has a nice family and is a great guy. One of the best things about him is that when you commit him to do something he always does it. He is good on his word which really makes all the difference in missionary work! When a person really prays and asks God if these things are true, God answers his prayers.

The work here in Lira is good and it is a place full of people who are ready for the gospel. Another bonus is that I am close to Elder Grilliot (my cousin). We have been in the past on opposite sides of the mission but now were only about 1.5 hours apart. We don’t really see each other that often but it is nice to be closer. He is really a stud out here. He is driven and works hard. He is a diligent missionary. What a great guy and a great example to the whole mission. He is the boss.

I sure love you all and hope that all is going well. Have a good week! Talk to you all next week.


Elder Bitter

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