Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Papa Bitter - September 15, 2014

Hey family and friends something happened today that has never happened before. Today was transfer news. This week when they called me to give the transfer news for our zone; they also gave me mine as well. I am still in the same area but I going to be a trainer. This is a first for me. This means that you are receiving a missionary that has just entered the mission field for the first time. You teach him how to be a missionary. My trainee is named Elder Whitworth. I will be driving down to Kampala again on Wednesday to pick up him and two other brand new missionaries.

As you know, we have six missionaries in our apartment. The three missionaries that have been transferred out are Elders Sithole, Sisa, Erau. In our apartment there will be three brand new missionaries and three missionaries training them. This will be super cool thing. I have never been in an apartment with this many new missionaries before. I am looking forward to it. I hope and pray that all will go well and that the new missionaries will just love the mission and love the work as well. What a wonderful opportunity to train!

Of course there will be a lot of trivial things to do like making sure he doesn’t get hit by cars because he is looking the wrong way when he is crossing the street and making sure he chooses his food wisely etc. But I think it will be fun and hope that I can share the excitement of the work.

Now back to the work. This week we have two people that look promising. We are teaching two sisters named Lillian and Florence. They are both awesome and are doing well. Lillian owns a restaurant. It is a nice place with good food.

One day she yelled to us from her restaurant and told us to come in. She then asked us what we were doing because she said she saw us everywhere. After explaining what we do, we set up a return appointment. Since then she has been soaking up the gospel and applying it as well. Awesome!

As far as Florence is concerned, we were actually teaching her about 13 weeks ago. She was doing well but she left for some contract work and now she is back. I don’t know if you remember Grace (She got baptized a few weeks back.) but Florence is a good friend to Grace. Grace has been such a great support to Florence. We actually met both of them while they were working together in the garden.

I can’t really think about much else right now. Sure love you all and hope that all is well!


Elder Bitter

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