Monday, August 4, 2014

Robert Saved The Day

We got transfer news and my companion and I are staying. This will be three transfers that we have been together which is good.

This week we did a lot of tracting and searching for people to teach so once again the letter will probably be short. As we did the searching, we were not all that successful. We would meet someone and talk to them and it seemed like they were really interested but then it would head south for some reason or another. We just couldn’t figure it out. But we just kept moving forward even though it looked like nothing was going to work out. We had a lot of things fall through which was a big letdown.

Finally, we found a guy named Robert. He is a successful guy. And is a “boss” over all. After we taught him, he just loved the gospel. In fact he went around telling all his friends about the gospel. These friends turned out to be some of the people that we had been teaching but stopped for whatever reason. (We knew when we were teaching these people that they would really help the branch because they are stable and committed people.)

So after Robert had told all his friends how important our message was, he demanded that we teach them all one more time. Of course, we didn’t refuse. And believe it or not they came to church this past Sunday! It was really awesome. After church they all told us that they wanted to come to church again and would like to continue taking the lessons so they could grow closer to God.

So long story short Robert referred us to the people that we had been teaching before, yet he didn’t know that we had been teaching them earlier. Since he referred us, his friends trusted us and decided to give church a shot. What a miracle! The Lord really helped us out a lot. I am so grateful.

We feel like we will have success this week because of this miracle and that we will be busy and have a solid teaching group. All is well in Lira!

Elder Bitter

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