Monday, August 11, 2014

The Black Mamba and Ebola Controlled

Well, hello everyone! I’m trying a new internet cafe today.

I wanted to talk about the new elders that are now living with us. Here are the details. You may have heard about the Ebola breakout in Sierra Leon. Due to the break out, all the missionaries that were in that country were on lock-down. They were not allowed to leave their homes for almost two weeks. After two weeks, the mission ended up getting shut down and all the missionaries were shipped out of the country and sent back to their original countries to serve the rest of their mission.

Lira received some of these missionaries. We have two of them in our house. We now have a total of six missionaries in the same home. It’s a little tight but it is really fun to have them around. They are really great guys and I enjoy being around them. I haven't mastered how to pronounce their names yet and I haven't gotten close to learning how to spell them! So for now I won’t be using their names. (I don’t want to spell them incorrectly. Ha ha!)

When it comes to the work, they are good hard working missionaries. They are great additions to the Lira branch. To accommodate these additional missionaries we had to divide our areas up into smaller pieces so everyone would have an equal amount of area to work. This caused all of our investigators to be handed over to the new elders because the area that they received is the area that had most of our investigators. We will be starting fresh again. This is not problem to be honest as long as the people that we were teaching continue to get taught and continue to progress in the gospel.

Out of all the people that we were teaching the only people that we still have are David and Grace. They are not related or connected in anyway. They are both moving forward. Grace is a lady in her 50's and is a widow. David is in college and a basketball player. They are both great people. I am glad that we get to continue with them.

Grace is awesome! She is probably one of my favorite investigators on the mission. She reminds me of Grandma Bitter. She is just fun and funny. She also really enjoys learning the gospel. She has these animals that she raises that are like chickens. However they are not really chickens. They have red and white clown faces. I will have to take a picture of them. They are something else. She says they taste like chickens but better.

Not too long ago, I did something that I have never done before. It was on a Monday (our P-day) and I heard one of the Elders in the house just yell, “SNAKE!!!!” So I quickly grab a kitchen knife and ran out to the “garage”. Sure enough there was a Black Mamba trying to find its way out!! I could not believe it. I had no idea how in the world it even got in because all the doors had been shut. Luckily it was still somewhat young. (It was not full grown or able to move at full speed.)
(Karla looked up on Google on the Black Mamba. Below is info found.)
Common black mamba or black-mouthed mamba, is a highly venomous snake.
It is the longest species of venomous snake in Africa, and the second-longest venomous snake in the world after the King cobra. It is also the fastest moving snake in Africa, and one of the fastest moving snakes on the planet, perhaps the fastest, capable of moving at 6.8 mph over a distance of 141 ft.
 I raised my Samurai sword (kitchen knife) and I took one good slash at him when it was trying to squeeze underneath the door. Off with its head, the problem was finished. That is my story for the week. It isn’t really funny or crazy but I thought it had been a while since I told a story. (Karla thinks it is a little too crazy!)

Yes, we are still buying sticky traps and catching mice from time to time. It does seem that we have almost conquered the problem. We go for days without catching one so things are a lot better regarding that issue. The house is in a lot better shape now after we have cleaned it, fixed power and sockets. (I’m getting quite good at electricity) So all is well!!!

Sure love you all

Elder Bitter

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