Monday, July 28, 2014

Blessings and Challenges - July 28, 2014

I think this week I received more photos than I have on my entire mission. Ha-ha. It was awesome! Thank you! I love photos!!

Let’s start with the important stuff. This week was awesome because Tony and his family were all baptized. Tony, Delish, Solomon, and Sharon were baptized and confirmed on the same day. As I said before, this is a first for me on my mission. It was wonderful to witness. It was a highlight for sure!

Since we had such a great blessing with Tony’s family, a challenge has to come as well. We were teaching a lot of people that seemed to be progressing. This past week they all did a one-eighty and asked us to stop coming. So basically this week will be a lot of tracting. We are looking forward to finding the new people the Lord has in store for us.

We are hoping that this week will be another building week with great things coming with it. I really feel that everything is just going to fall into place and we will find some really great new investigators to teach.

I received some good news this week, about William, Faith and their family. (William is the man who travels to China for two months for business. We taught and baptized them in Jinja a while back.) Well I just met some of the missionaries that are serving in Jinja now and apparently William is now the Second counselor in the bishopric! Super Cool! I was so happy to hear that he and his family are faithful and doing well.

Wow, I have a guy that works in this internet cafe leaning over my shoulder trying to read my emails. I’m writing this paragraph to see if he is really reading my letter. Hmm, he is squinting right now as I scroll the page up and down so I guess he is trying to read my letter. Bother! Ha-ha

We did a lot of traveling which cut into our teaching time so I don’t have a lot to say. I sure love you all and appreciate all that you do.

Have a great week!!
Elder Bitter

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  1. I appreciated so much reading all of these inspiring emails! My son is in the SA MTC and will be there in about a week. I hope he has a wonderful companion like Elder Bitter! Thank you for sharing!