Monday, July 21, 2014

Miracle growth in Lira - July 21, 2014

Well hello everyone! I’m here again tuning in from the internet cafe with good internet and bad keyboards. Let’s see how this goes! Ha-ha.

I guess I will start with the bad news. My memory card is corrupted. I lost about 500-600 photos this week. All the photos from the past 6 months or so are gone. Unfortunately I won’t be able to post any pictures on the blog. Sorry guys.

So this week was awesome! Things are moving quickly and forward as well.

This upcoming Saturday will be a big day! This will be the first time on my mission that a whole family will be baptized all together at the same time. Tony and his family are ready to be baptized. They are anxious and looking forward to it. The family members that are old enough to be baptized are Tony and Delish (the parents), Solomon, and Shannon.

I am really looking forward to the baptism. Here is a little about Tony and his family. Tony grows cash crops for a living. When it is not farming season, he fixes shoes so that he still has work. The parents have already finished dowry (paying cows to the wife’s parents) and they have been married in a church. A church marriage is unusual. I am so happy about their commitment to each other. It is easy to break off a dowry marriage in Uganda but a church marriage is very difficult to discontinue.

Another reason this week was awesome is because I finally broke out my second pair of shoes!!! WOOT WOOT!!! My original slip-on Ecco shoes have taken quite the beating. Here is a brief eulogy about those shoes of mine. So these shoes have been walking the streets of Uganda for 18 month and have consumed enough shoe polish to shine all the shoes on the west coast.

These beauties’ original sole lasted for about 6 months. After six months, I went to one of the local shoe guys and had them remove the original sole and sew on a new Chinese made one. Well these Chinese specials don't last very long especially when you are walking a lot every day. As time went on, I was paying about 10,000 UGX (about 3 US dollars) every three months to have a new sole put on.

Then I arrived in Kabowa. A shoe guy there added an additional “tire sole” for double the price. Well these tires lasted for about 8 months and they were still holding strong but one problem started to occur. Because I had removed the sole from my shoe so many times the leather had a ton of holes from all of the different stitch jobs. So those little holes slowly joined forces and became large holes until I started having large holes in the sides of my shoes.

Every time I walked, my feet would get wet because they weren't sealed anymore due to all the holes in the shoes. So I broke down and took out my other pair of lace up Eccos. They are awesome and it is so nice to have shoes that look good again!!!!

Yesterday the Lira Branch had a new all-time high for sacrament attendance! Yesterday there were 93 people at church. This is a huge increase from previous sacrament attendance. A few months ago there was on average between 58-70 people at church. This week was legendary.  I really give the credit to our awesome branch president (President Patrick). He goes out of his way to warmly welcome each and every person who comes to church every Sunday.
The other reason the branch is doing well is the members are so willing to help any new person that comes to church. It is awesome to see the church grow so quickly. Things are really going well thanks to the members and the leaders.

Well that's all I got for this week,

Sure love you all,
Elder Bitter

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