Monday, December 9, 2013

First Week in Kabowa - December 2, 2013

Well hello everyone it is good to hear from everyone. And it is nice to be able to work in a new area. :)

I am officially in Kabowa with my new companion Elder Cockbain its pronounced Cobain. Kabowa is the place to be. I really enjoy it. Being in kabowa is a very different from any of the other areas I have served. Kabowa is in the middle of the biggest city in all of Uganda. Consequently it is very developed. The branch (Oops, I mean ward—hurray for a ward!) is extremely stable.

So basically this new area is bigger, more developed, and loaded with people. One thing that I really enjoy about Kabowa is the ward is as a whole has the Spirit. When we attend the meetings, the Spirit is very powerful. I feel really lucky to be here. I feel like this ward is one of the pearls of Africa.

I have one good experience to share (since I am so new here).

The important story of this week is that we tracted into someone this week that will be a great member of the church. His name is Paul. He is a very powerful man in Uganda. He has invited us to come to his home tomorrow. I am excited. I just want today to end so that I can go and see him tomorrow! I think that things will go really well. I am looking forward to the teaching experience.

I know this letter is short but my time is up. Have a great week everyone!!! Love ya all!


Elder Bitter

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