Monday, November 25, 2013

Tis' the Season to Eat Grasshoppers - November 25, 2013

Hello Family and Friends!

I’m tuning into you today from the "H.F.L internet cafe" :) I’m not so sure what H.F.L stands for but if I had to guess it would stand for something like this :)

· H: Hard to type on key boards

· F: Fairly dim lighting

· L: Low internet speed

This week was transfer news and surprise, surprise – I’m getting transferred again! :) I have come to the conclusion that I don’t stay in areas for to long. Some people stay in areas for a long time while others stay for only a short period. It all works out. I have officially been transferred to Kabowa. I know nothing about Kabowa, so I have nothing to say. I know that my companion is from South Africa, he is white and he likes to work out. The fact that he likes to work out is a huge plus, It is not too often that you get a companion that will work out with you. It will be a nice change :)

This week has been pretty awesome. Elder Alfred and I could not find enough time in the days. Each and every day we would just look at our watch and worry that we were running out of time again. Then, boom, the day would be over again. I would have to say that this week may have been the fastest week of my mission so far. It has also been a really blessed week all together.

We spent a lot of the time tracting and people just kept falling into our laps. It was remarkable to see. As we walked from place to place, fathers would let us into their homes, would welcome us and invite us to sit down and share with them.

The coolest part about teaching all of these fathers is that they lead very stable families. For the most part, families in Uganda tend to move around because the father often works for others. Self-employed people tend to stay in one place. Finding people like this is very rare and helped out this week over all.

Since I have very little news, I think that I will share what the mission has taught me so far.

One thing I have learned is that there is always much more to learn. There are a few other things that have really stuck with me and have helped me out.

1. When you are in the refiners fire you will become one of three things Gold, Silver, or slag.

2. This one I really like: Pride will tell you who is right, humility tells you what is right.

These next two months in Uganda are “Nsenene” or the season for cooked grass-hoppers. Ugandans catch these as they swarm, fry them and then eat them like potato chips. To be honest, I do too. They are pretty awesome and taste pretty good.

Have a great week everyone!

I love you all

Elder Bitter

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