Monday, December 9, 2013

Full Head of Steam in Kabowa - December 9, 2013

This week was a very, very busy week! I felt that it ended before it started. Weird.

On Tuesday the elders from Masaka came to stay at our apartment so that they could attend the zone development meeting (all the missionaries in a given area gather together and have a meeting). Masaka is so far away they had to come in a day earlier than the meeting. We spent a day working with them which was nice.

On Wednesday we had our zone conference. It went really well. We talked about a lot of different things. But most of the discussion was around the business side of a mission.

On Thursday the Masaka elders stayed with us as well. We split with these elders and we went to Entebbe for our exchange. After reaching Entebbe, we worked there the entire day and slept over that night. After spending the night in Entebbe, we grabbed all of the elders in Entebbe and they came back with us to Kabowa. All the Elders and Sisters gathered together and we traveled to Kampala for a Zone Conference. (A zone conference is where a large group of missionaries get together to sit down with the mission president to discuss goals etc.)

The mission president focused on being bold. President Chatfield focus has been “Be not afraid only believe.” (From the New Testament Book of Mark) It has been really cool to see how not being worried and really proclaiming the gospel without fear really helps people want to learn more and increases the missionaries’ faith.

His perspective touched me. “If you know the gospel is true and you understand how much it blesses your life. Why would you be afraid of telling anyone about the gospel? We each know that we need it so other people need it as well. Therefore, if we are not bold with sharing the gospel, we are literally taking away someone’s opportunity to the truth now and extending the period of time until they accept the gospel.”

He also pointed out that since we know God is real and have a knowledge that we can be forgiven of our sins we are free from the burden of guilt, shame etc. He then pointed out that as we share the gospel we are helping them draw closer to Him and giving them the opportunity to repent of their sins so they can be free of that burden as well.

President Chatfield is a spiritual man!

Now let me tell you about a man that we have been teaching since I arrived in my new area. His name is Richard. He is a chef at a high end hotel in Kabowa. This is a primary hotel for businessmen and tourists. Richard loves the gospel. It is amazing to see how he accepts the gospel and allows it to be part of his life. Some of the commitments he had to work on but he knows the church is true and is committed.

Richard is scheduled to be baptized next Sunday. This is very exciting because he has been waiting a long time. This past week we taught him about the importance of the covenants he will be making with the Lord at baptism. He was so excited to know about these promises. He was even more excited about the blessings he will receive as he is faithful to these covenants.

Well I really love you all and I hope that everything is going well back home!!

The church is true for sure and it is a great blessing.


Elder Bitter

Great Sisters

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