Thursday, December 19, 2013

Awesome Eats in Masaka - December 16, 2013

Hi All,

This week was awesome.

Sunday was probably my favorite Sunday to date as a missionary.

During the week we passed by a nice home, stopped in and asked him if we could share a message. The homeowner is named Kennedy. He is in his thirties and is doing financially well (e.g. car, home, etc.,) As we met with him, we shared a gospel message and taught him the restoration then set up a return appointment.

When we came for the return appointment, he said he needed to be honest with us and said, “I was taught by missionaries many years ago and I had no interest in the message. He then showed us a Book of Mormon that he has received at that time. He also indicated that he had not gone to church in over twelve years.

After that bit of news he went on to tell us that he really wanted to learn about the church and wanted to come closer to God. Basically his priorities had changed from his first visits the Elders over four years ago.

We taught him again and the best thing happened on the following Sunday (yesterday). Kennedy drove his car to church and showed up twenty minutes early. He sat there and read the gospel messages out of all the pamphlets that he had received. He stayed for all the meetings and then stayed for the baptismal service that we held just following. After all of the services, he told us that there was something different about this church than the churches he had attended in the past. He wanted to learn more.

Bonus: He wants to have us over for Christmas as well.

I am always amazed to see the impact that the Spirit can have to change the way a person feels. I hope to have many more like this and I hope that Kennedy continues to progress as he is right now. The thing that I really loved is how he said that there is something different that he feels and when he is here he realized that he has a lot to learn and he said he wants to learn it. It’s just great to see the spirit really hit someone and they start to notice things about themselves previously unnoticed.

Now for some fun.

This week we traveled down to Masaka to visit the Elders there. It was a really long drive -- not so much because of the distance, just because the roads are far from okay. This also means that I had to cross the equator. I took a photo of me standing on each side of the hemispheres. Success!

When we reached Masaka it was all worth it! Masaka is the most beautiful place in the world. Food is plentiful and we ate like there was no tomorrow. Apparently there is a Masaka tradition that when we come down, we are to buy two chickens to feed all the missionaries there (including the couple missionaries as well). Man, did we eat good food. It was marvelous how much food we ate. It was just awesome! :)  Did I mention how good the food was.

As an added bonus I have been having a great time with my two companions. I have Elder Allen and Elder Cockbain assigned to me right now. Elder Allen is temporary -- but the three of us really love working together. I will just enjoy the moment while it lasts.

The mission is awesome.

I really love you all and hope all is well back home!

Elder Bitter

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