Monday, January 28, 2013

The Dive Bomb

Hey everyone it’s me again. Well this week has been interesting I have been on a lot of exchanges so I didn't spend as much time with my companion as normal. But I will still give you all a play by play of the week.

So we did teach that pastor after all which was pretty cool. We entered in and there were about ten people there and they all had been waiting for almost an hour. The interesting part was that we weren’t an hour late. They just really wanted to hear from us so they waited for an hour for us to show up. It was almost like Christmas morning when you wake up in bed and you can’t wait for the Christmas horn to blow. You’re just so excited to run downstairs and see everyone open gifts J because that is always really really fun to do. Well to start we taught them the doctrine of Christ (our go to lesson), almost everyone here in Uganda teaches that as their first lesson because everyone here already knows a lot about Christ. So we start with the doctrine of Christ and then we move on to things like the restoration. Anyway, the lesson was interesting. They were all very attentive and paid perfect attention and asked very intelligent questions. To be honest though, I don’t think it is going to go anywhere because they wanted to have us come to their church and then two of their members would come to our church. So I think they are great people but I don’t think it will go anywhere.

But one of the days when I was on exchanges this week (where you trade companions for the day) we were walking around teaching and I was just sweating like nobody’s business like I literally was soaked in sweat. But for some reason my back was unusually sweaty like it was soaked all the way through. I couldn't figure out why. But I continued on teaching with my companion for the rest of the day. When the day was wrapping up my companion came and picked me up. Right before I sat in the car he was like “WOAH BITTER! Don’t sit down!” So I just kinda stood there like “uh ok why not....” Then he told me “something dropped a present on your back”. I couldn't believe it! I was so grossed out. Some large flying animal decided to drop a gift right on the back of my nice white shirt! I was just like come on you must be kidding me! So I had to spend some time whipping that off of my shirt before I could get in the car to get taken back to my teaching area.

Well something cool happened this week. My companion and I decided to try to see how many lessons we could teach in one week. My companion had taught 49 lessons in one week before. But I knew that we weren’t going to get close to that because there we had a lot of meetings with mission leaders and stuff.  But we continued throughout the week teaching as many lessons as possible while still going to these meetings. Well we were really pushing ourselves and it was pretty cool at the end of the week we turned out to have taught 50 lessons! yahoo we set a new record for my companion and me!...Which was a cool, fun thing to do.

Dad I forgot to answer your question from like two weeks ago. You had asked me what I had been doing to work out. Well honestly in the MTC I wasn't working out. But now that I am out in the field I am :) I basically inherited my own work out set when I came out here. A bunch of past missionaries had left random pieces of work out equipment in our junk closet. So I was digging through it one day and I found three things; a nice jump rope, a nice set of bars for elevated pushups, and an abs roller-- which is a hard work out. Well I claimed all of those for myself since no one wanted them. So I now work out morning and night every day except for Sunday.

Another cool thing happened this week! I had the opportunity to baptize one of my investigators this last Sunday! I started teaching him m second day here. It was pretty awesome. He was the happiest person ever when he was baptized. It was really cool though. After being put under the water, he like forced himself up. As soon as his head exited the water he gave a huge breath of release. It was kinda cool because you could literally see the difference in him as soon as he was baptized. He definitely knew that being baptized was good for him. He was so happy after being baptized. It was remarkable to see. His name was Moses.

There aren’t words to describe this country. Like I wish I could take more pictures of how humble the people are here but it’s kinda hard. I don’t want to take a picture of how these "homes" are made because I don’t want to offend anyone by taking a picture of their home. A lot of the homes here are made of scrap plywood and tin sheets.

It finally rained here. Woah! All I can say is that it does not rain here. I swear the clouds just dump streams of water. You can literally watch the rain come at you. If the rain is twenty feet away you can literally stand still and watch the falling rain move at you at super rapid speed. I have never seen anything like it. And the thunder and lightning here are insane! It’s remarkable and breath taking and truly deafening to be honest. It’s like a shotgun going off a couple feet away from you. And when you are in a house and it’s raining on the tin roof, you can’t hear yourself yell. When it rains here everything floods. I have to make this letter short so I can email you all pictures this time :)

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