Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Note From the Mission Mom

January 5, 2013

Note and pictures from Sister Janet Reber (MTC Mom)
Here is Elder Bitter at FHE, talking to the nurse with Elder Ramoshaba...and then getting a shot.  

See how brave he is!

I ate breakfast this morning with Elder Bitter and Elder Paki.  Elder Paki told us that he lives in a small village and attends a Branch of the Church.  There aren't any jobs, so to earn money he killed crocodiles and sold the skin.

Elder Bitter is likable and fits in well.  Everyone just started their fast.  It will be a 24 hour there will be no food available until tomorrow at 5:00.  For many it will be their first time to fast for 24 hours.  It is always a humbling experience for them.  I look forward to our testimony meeting tomorrow.  Every person will bear their testimony.  We are one of the few Branches of the Church where we know exactly who will be in attendance!
Elder Bitter at the Johannesburg MTC Family Home Evening
Sister Janet Reber
South Africa MTC


  1. Nice to see you're doing well Elder Bitter!! I didn't even know you were in the MTC! I just saw this link on Facebook and thought I'd take a look. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye or see you since your birthday. I'll totally write ya now that I know where you're going! Good luck!!!

  2. Yay Elder Bitter! Glad you arrived safely!