Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last week in the MTC

What a sad day….I log on my computer and I don’t have a single email from my family hahaha That’s ok. TJ emailed me so he covered for all of you. So you all better tell him thanks cause if he hadn’t emailed me you would be in trouble :)

So this has been a pretty hard week honestly. My companion throughout this week has been on a downward slope. He first started not studying in the morning and then he started sleeping though studying times and through class. So I and everyone else tried to encourage him to continue on and keep working. But then Tuesday came around and everything changed. We were in the middle of studying and he started making whining noises and tossing and turning so I assumed he was having a bad dream. I decided that I would do him a favor and wake him up so that his bad dream would end. But no matter hard I shook him or poked him he would not wake up. I continued to try and try but to no avail. Then he started getting very weak and limp. We then assumed that it was GI--it's a sickness that has been going around our MTC and a lot of people have been out of commission because of it. He eventually came to and we asked him what was wrong. So after he awoke from his nightmare thing he told us that his stomach was in a lot of pain so it was definitely GI. So he slept all day to get better.

But then the next day came around (now Wednesday). Instead of his stomach hurting it was now his heart. He was unable to really do anything. So all day once again he spent his time in his room all day sleeping. Then sports time came around and we all were out playing soccer like we do every day. Then out of the blue my companion is walking around outside. He then continues his walk around outside until he faints randomly and just hits the ground. So at this point President takes him to the hospital because we’re beginning to think it is something much more serious.

They left for the hospital right then. They returned about 5 hours later. There were no results. He turned up totally ok. There was nothing wrong with him….no sickness…nothing.

Then comes Thursday. He was now saying that his head was killing him and he couldn’t think. He again was on his bed sleeping and was unable to study because he was in and out of sleep. So then he went in his nonresponsive state again. He would not respond to poking talking or anything. He was completely inside of his own head. There was no way to communicate with him at all. Then he rolled out of his bed and started shaking like crazy. I’m not sure what it was but I instantly remember Val Gardner telling me a story that one of her friends was shaking just like this and she rolled her friend on her side and she stopped. So I decided to roll him on his side and he instantly stopped (Val is a nurse).

At this point we really needed to figure out what was going on; so President asked us to pull him into his office again. So Elder Swacina and I carried him upstairs again and he basically spent the whole day in President’s office. President had many nurses and people coming over to find out what was going on.

After about a full day they were able to come to the conclusion that the stress of his mission was just too much for him and he broke down. So he needed to go home. There was really no other way. It was a really hard day in all honesty because my companion and I were really close. He didn’t speak English super well but we were always able to talk and get along. It really just put a damper on the whole week seeing him fall apart like that. It was really quite a bummer.

But we all know that him going home is a good thing because the stress is just too much for him and no one really wants to see someone go through something like that. So he left Saturday to go back home.

Then to add to the week we had a meeting on Saturday that was basically to inform all of us of the sicknesses and diseases we will probably get and the ones we should avoid. Then we had a meeting that was about getting mugged because they are kinda common. So all in all it’s been one of those weeks ya know.

But there was something that really made the week a lot better. I was kinda in a worn out state so I decided to go in my side pouch bag and look for a snack to eat (the good stuff that Sarah packed me) :) then when I was digging through my side pouch I found a letter from Jon and everything in the letter was perfect for what had been going on. So Jon really came to the rescue this week so I really love you Jon and I really appreciate your letter. That was awesome.

There has been a change of plans. We are now going to the airport on this upcoming Tuesday and we will be flying to Uganda. Everyone is planning on calling home in the airport so if I do have the opportunity to call home when I’m at the airport it will probably be pretty late…like midnight where you all are so I’ll try and call if I can and say hey.

I’m feeling pretty good now though. The spirit works wonders in overcoming hard times. It isn’t just a guide but it really is a comfort.

I really hope that you all are having a good week.

Kari: I’m excited for you to have the opportunity to go on a mission

Anne: Remember to always share your smile. You’re an amazing girl

Jon & Sarah: You are a perfect example to all of us for what we should all aim to do

Mom: You have been a huge spiritual guidance throughout all of our lives and I really love that.

Dad: You are amazing. Your humor and love is amazing and your guidance throughout my life has helped me so much on my mission

Give TJ my love. He is amazing.

I love you all,
(Elder Bitter)

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  1. Ugh so sorry it's been a bad week. I hope your flight goes well and your new companion becomes a great friend. I'm saddened to hear about your former companion. That sounded really hard on everyone. Loves