Monday, January 6, 2014

My Few Possessions - January 6, 2014

Well, Hello!

Things are moving forward again now that the Holidays are over (people leaving the cities)! Today I am emailing from "Breakers Cyber Cafe". It is really hot but I’m under neat a fan so all is well to email.

This week it started off a little bit slow. Since everyone is coming back to the city again, the work has really picked up.

To start, I will tell a little bit about transfer news. My companion Elder Cockbain, has been transferred to Iganga. This is close to my last area. He is really excited to go to Iganga since he has been in Kabowa for 28 weeks and was ready for a change. I am a little bit sad to see him go.

Watching him pack up went a little bit something like this. Wo, the fridge is empty! Wo Wo, the cupboard is empty. Holly cow, all the games in the house are gone! It turns out that everything in the house was his! I do believe that it is all his, but seeing how much stuff he had and how much he packed up was a little bit on the crazy side. He still hasn't finished packing quite yet, but is still working on it.

I now realize how little stuff I have. I got so used to having all this nice stuff around the house and now, wham it all vanished into thin air. All that is left are the little trinkets that my family and friends sent me for Christmas, my Frankenstein weight set that I recently had welded together, my cloths, and my suitcases. Besides that, pretty much everything is gone. Kind of funny.

I haven't received my new companion yet. He is coming on Wednesday and his name is Elder Stewart. He is an American and from Utah. I don't know all that much about him but I am excited to work with him.

If you all remember back when I was in Jinja, there was a man named William who had a wife named Faith. William left for China just prior to being baptized and then I was transferred. He returned from China just about three weeks ago and was baptized and confirmed. Just awesome. I’m so grateful that he held up the whole time he was in China and was able to continue on progressing in the gospel and finally get baptized. When I was working with him, he had already started making goals to get married in the temple. I hope that he continues on.

Some other pretty awesome things happened this week as well. We have been visiting all the people who are progressing in the gospel. As of yesterday, two of them have committed to move forward.

The first is Brother Michael. He is the father of a part member family. Brother Michael has committed himself to be married to his wife in the church this Saturday and get baptized on Sunday. His wife and one of his sons have been members of the church for years. They have been trying to help him along and during these past 8 weeks, Brother Michael has been progressing. He is now ready for his baptism and is also ready for his marriage. I really know that this man is set and ready to go in the gospel.

The second is Kennedy. Kennedy is the same guy that I talked about a few weeks ago. Over the past few weeks we have taught Kennedy all of the lessons and he is ready to make the commitments for Baptism. He was supposed to be baptized this last Sunday but we pushed it off for one week just to cover some things again and also allow him to be interviewed without a rush. Kennedy is a great man has been very successful. He will really help this ward move along. He is smart, quick on his feet, sees way past the moment, and has a great capability to discern things. I know that these talents and his desire to learn will really help this ward thrive and grow.

One additional great thing happened yesterday. In the Kabowa ward, the last bishopric has been completely inactive. The Bishop, the first counselor, and even the second counselor have not participated in a very long time. Since I have been here, we have really been working with them to get back into activity. They are so important to this ward and they can play such a key role. After meeting with all of them, they all came to church this Sunday for the first time in a very, very long time! They participated and were very engaged with everyone. It was awesome to see them all come, dressed up and ready for church. I hope and pray that they will continue on and make it a life-long choice.

I know that I have been slacking for the past few weeks when it comes to writing good letters home. I blame the slowness of the holidays. Now everything is back into the swing of things and it is awesome again.

Hope that all is going well and that goals are good for the New Year!!

I love you all. Thanks for all you do!


Elder Bitter

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