Monday, January 20, 2014

Marriage of Michael and the Coming of Elder Bednar - January 20, 2014


I’m back again. I hope that my emails aren’t repetitive. I can only write about what I experience and for a missionary there is a lot of repetition.   I’ll just write what happened and you can tell me if it’s repetitive or not.

This Wednesday, Elder Bednar, of the quorum of the twelve apostles is coming to the Uganda Kampala Stake to speak to the members. We decided to really try to find as many less actives as possible in the Kabowa ward and invite them see Elder Bednar and listen to what he has to say. President Chatfield explained how this is a perfect opportunity to rekindle the spirit inside of the members in the Kampala stake.

After my companion and I heard this, we went right to work. Throughout this week we have been finding less active after less active and have invited them to listen to Elder Bednar. It has gone very well. As we spoke to people who have not attended church for years and told them that a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles is coming, they all became were very excited. They couldn't believe that they will have the opportunity to see him and listen to him speak in person.

I don't know why Elder Bednar has decided to come and speak to the members of the Kampala Stake but I know that it will have a huge impact. The opportunity for them to see an apostle speak will be once in a life time for them. This will help them become more grounded in the gospel now and forever. I believe this will strengthen our ward a lot.

On top of that, we had another baptism. We had the opportunity to arrange for a family to be married (I have lots of pictures) followed by baptisms. This was a part-member family where the father and the oldest son have now been baptized. With this marriage and baptism, the whole family has started coming to church. The father’s name is Michael. He is 46 years old and wholesales potatoes for a living (does a pretty good job at it too).

After the wedding they did a lot of marriage traditions that I caught on video/photo. One of the traditions I really like is similar to the U.S. where you feed the spouse a glass of juice and a slice of cake. The difference here is that say some specific words and get down on one knee as if they were proposing to each other again.

After the celebration finished, they invited us over to their home for some food and for us to conduct baptism interviews. When we showed up, everyone was dressed to the ‘T’. There was enough rice and potatoes to feed an entire School. It was really fun and we all enjoyed ourselves. What a great feeling it is to see a family come together like this. I hope to be able to attend a marriage like this again. We just arranged it and the Bishop did a great job with the actual marriage.

My story for this week: Over the past two weeks or so my companion and I have been trying to bring the Kabowa apartment back to life. Today was the final step. When I first showed up to Kabowa, the apartment was destroyed and I was flying solo when I came to cleaning it since my companion wasn't all that interested in working on it. When Elder Stewart showed up to Kabowa he was on the same page as me and joined forces to just redo the whole house. What did we do? We literally scrubbed every inch of the entire place.

For this serious deep cleaning, we stacked all the furniture up and started working to clean everything from the nasty bathrooms all the way to the filthy kitchen. And as of P-Day today our house is awesome. We have officially placed all the furniture back down where we want it and finished cleaning every inch of the house. The only thing that is left to do is fix the sink in the kitchen which is beyond clogged. I have have been working on it for some time now and have come to the conclusion that there is a pipe in the wall somewhere that is clogged up. We have taken apart the sink completely and it is clean as a whistle. The only other option is a pipe in the wall somewhere is plugged. I finally called it quits when it started clogging up again.

The best part is that now I can sit down and not feel like I’m going to get sick from all the nastiness. When I sit down or just move around the apartment I just feel good and I enjoy it. Life is really good now and everything is moving forward smoothly in a clean place. :) Elder Stewart is awesome and I really enjoy serving with him. He knows how to work.

So, all is well here in the land of the Crested Crane. I hope all is well back home as well.

Love you all.

Elder Bitter

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