Monday, November 17, 2014

Starting from Scratch - November 17, 2014

Well hello everyone!

This week went by really fast because we had a lot of work we needed to do. Two weeks ago, a large majority of the people that we were teaching decided they no longer wanted to learn about the gospel. So we had to start from scratch.

This past week, we were rushing as fast as we could to find and set up things so that we would have work for the rest of the year. We spent a lot of that time talking to members and getting names of people and then visiting with them. It went pretty well. I was surprised actually how well it went. The Lord really helped us out!

We were introduced to a lot of extended family members that are interested and happy to hear the gospel. This is just awesome. Because branching out and bringing families together in the church is what it is all about. I really love to see families being linked and united!

The people that we are currently teaching are Jannat, Hellen, Vincent, Kennedy, Amos, and Margaret.

Jannat is Tony’s niece. She is living with him and his family. She is planning to live with them for years. Hellen is the sister to Grace (The older lady that was baptized some time back). Hellen lives in Mbale just near the chapel. I am so grateful about this because when she goes back to Mbale, she can still attend church. Often when someone moves back to their home village or town, there just isn’t a church within reasonable distance.

Vincent is another relative to Tony that has a business in town. He is a smart guy that lives on his own but is doing well for himself.

Kennedy and Amos are friends to a member named Geoffrey. They were introduced to us and we are now teaching them as well. They actually work together in a landscaping business.

Margaret is the only person in our previous investigators that did not decided she wanted to stop taking the lessons. Margaret and her husband are investigating the church. Margaret’s husband is currently unable to attend church due to having a stroke about 4 months back. He is slowly regaining the strength to walk and move around.

That’s all I have for today. Sure love you all!

Elder Bitter

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