Monday, June 9, 2014

Mouse Hunt

I am glad to be here! :)

I think I will start with my mouse extermination in the Lira apartment. Muhhahaha.

So the Lira apartment was in rough shape when I showed up. We are working on repairing everything and getting it back into working order. The part that I would like to talk about today is the mice.

When I showed up in Lira, I was shocked. As I walked around the house, trying to figure out where to start, I was completely shell-shocked. The most shocking thing was the rat and mice droppings. They were everywhere! Okay, I wasn’t surprised about the droppings but about the quantity. As I was looking at the sheer amount of raisins throughout the house I came to the conclusion that the past elders just didn't care. And that after I caught the rodent, we would be able to live in a clean environment.

During the first week I went into a deep cleaning mode and tried to remove all the bread crumbs from our home. As I was removing all of these mice and rat crumbs, I finally reached the end of the house and was feeling somewhat accomplished, like hahahah I have done it I have begun this project and I have taken care of step one. Well after cleaning, we went on with our day and then retired to bed that evening.

The next morning, I woke up and could not believe it! As I walked into the kitchen, I saw a large collection of rat and mouse Beebe’s everywhere! Now obviously it wasn't the same amount as I had cleaned up the night before but it was still a lot for one night. I realized that it wasn't just the elders not cleaning but probably a small family of creatures living in our home that needed the boot.

I was then determined to find a solution and I found just the thing. On Tuesday of last week, I found a “sticky trap”. I could not believe my luck in finding it. It was a little bit expensive but hey, money is not the problem, finding how to spend the money is the problem. This was definitely something I was going to buy. So I bought this gem and carried it around all day just smiling waiting to take it home.

That night I placed it in the doorway where I had seen two baby mice running the night before. I then went to bed waking up the next morning with success. I had already caught two of them. Then came the dilemma, I couldn’t just throw away the trap because I can’t afford to buy a new one each time I catch a I came to the conclusion that I would have to get plastic shopping bags and remove the mice and "dispose" of them.

This worked out well. After doing that, I placed the trap underneath the area where we put out our trash and went to work. When I came back that night, I felt like the guy from Crocodile Dundee because I said, "Crikey it’s a big one!”

I decided to try that same spot again. I felt that I had put a pretty big dent in our rodent population but I was wrong. I woke up the next morning and checked the trap; there were three in a perfect circle. I wish I had taken a picture. I thought, “These things aren't very smart!” You would think that they would learn from one of their friends and they would avoid the trap. Not so!

This little process went on for the ENTIRE week. I think we have gotten all of them. I caught nine in all. I am hoping to catch one more then I will be in double digits, LOL. We cleaned the house again really well today. We will keep our eyes peeled for droppings. But I really think we have conquered the problem. But we will find out in the next couple days. An update will occur next week on how the end of the "open season" went.

Let’s move to the important stuff. This week was actually probably one of the better weeks that I have had on my mission. A lot of different things fell into place. We had two baptisms and will be having two baptisms this coming Saturday. Two brothers will be baptized. The first is Brother Calisto and the other is Brother Simon Opio.

Brother Calisto is a father of a large family that we started teaching a few weeks ago. He said that he wants to be baptized before the rest of his family and once he is baptized that the rest of his family is allowed to be baptized. This seems to happen a lot here and I am not sure why. Hopefully, it is because they want to set the example. The rest of the family is willing and ready to learn more so we are very excited.

Brother Calisto is a doctor and 40 years old. He is very smart and does well for himself and his family. He is a great guy and loves the gospel. He is so willing to share the gospel with anyone. When we visit him (which is at his office. This is at his request) there are always other people with him in his office. He will include whoever is with him and say you need to listen to them and then he bares his testimony. He shares why he knows the church is true and how he found out that it was true. This is so awesome to see.

Brother Simon Opio is also a father to a very large family. His daughter is a member and is a very committed to the gospel and the church. She introduced us to him asking that we teach him about the gospel. He is going to be baptized this Sunday. He is retired. He is 65 years old and is a great man. I think that all will go well with the rest of his family. We are looking forward to being with this family.

This past week we found a lot of people. And almost all of them came to church. It was a great week. I really think that a lot is going to work out and happen as long as God is willing of course.

Lira is a great place to be! All is well.

I am sorry that the part about the work is short. I didn't balance my time very well this week. I am out of time so I have to go.

I sure love you all,


Elder Bitter
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