Thursday, September 5, 2013

Short, Tired and Sick - September 2, 2013


I’m back and I am going to make this one short because I am super tired and I am sick.

This week was a good and we really were blessed. We had a day and a half taken out of our week this week but we were still able to meet mission goals. One thing I have realized about mission goals is that they are inspired. They are from the Lord and are set so that we will work until the work is done. The Lord doesn’t give a goal/principle/commandment unless he provides a way to reach it. I have found that if we are diligent, the Lord will provide for us.

I’ll just wrap this one up by talking about a man named Tony. Tony is bit older and is really progressing in the gospel. He has a love for the church and he doesn’t want much more than to be closer to God. Tony runs a small little business that is so simple yet he makes a fair amount of money. I like to see someone’s success in something and doing their best to make things work.

I love you guys,

I hope all is well back home

The church is true


Elder Bitter

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