Monday, July 8, 2013

Some Days Are Tougher Than Others - July 8, 2013

Today was just those days that you really pray never happens again.

Here are the things that happened:

1. We had to drive to Kampala (nothing but traffic the whole way).

2. We dropped off a couple tennis rackets to get restrung. The guy ripped us off AND took forever to string the rackets.

3. My companion’s passport got lost by the mission so we had to go to the US embassy and report it lost and get another one because he is going home in 6 weeks. It took hours upon hours upon hours. After all that waiting, they told us we have to come back on Wednesday!

4. We have to drive back late tomorrow night so we can stay overnight at the AP's flat and wake up early to go to the embassy, then get back to our area to proselyte.

5. We were backing up to leave and some guy decides he wants to jump the gap and drills our bumper. Luckily we have a solid steel bumper that protects our truck. It really messed up his car. So he verbally blasted us. We just looked at him and confounded him with kind and calm words which helped him realize that it was his fault.

6. A police officer pulled us over when we were driving back to our area. There was no real reason to pull us over. She said we were overtaking cars even though everyone overtakes vehicles every day. Luckily we talked our way out of that one.

7. It’s already late and we are just now emailing. We are both beat! What a day.

Today was a crazy! One of the coolest things about a mission is that no matter how bad the day, when you wake up in the morning; it is a new day and you are always happy. It’s like the Spirit comes and calms you down or something while you are sleeping. It’s pretty cool. The Spirit is powerful.

We celebrated the 4th and sang “The Star Spangled Banner.” We made apple cobbler as well. It was pretty awesome! :) The rest of the letter is going to be super short. I’m very tired and today was tiresome.

This week we had three baptisms. It was pretty awesome! We had a member of the branch baptize them. It was a spiritual baptism. Every person that was baptized this past Sunday really had to change a lot and work hard to be baptized. Each of them was very excited and filled with the Spirit --- it was such a wonderful experience.

We have an investigator that is named Charles. He is a wonderful guy and has a great spirit about him. He walks a long distance every Sunday to come to church. People like him really make my mission great. I know that I always say that but seeing someone like him sacrifice and be committed makes me just smile. He wants us to visit as often as possible. It’s so awesome.

I know this is super lame to cut a letter short but I’m really tired and stressed! I can’t think. I am going to go to sleep. Love you all! I know the church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. God is our loving Heavenly Father. Christ did die for us so that we can be free of all of our mistakes as long as we repent of them.


Elder Bitter

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